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Damaged, cracked or chipped surfaces can significantly reduce the value of granite and marble, whilst detracting from the beauty of these natural stone features. If left untreated, small issues can lead to bigger problems down the line, making your stonework vulnerable to further deterioration.

Henley Granite and Marble offers a complete service for remedial work on natural stone surfaces. From accidental chips and cracks to holes left by taps, signs and appliances, we offer a fast and effective repair service to clients throughout the UK.

Granite and Marble Repairs

Maintained well, granite and marble should stand the test of time for years to come. Durable and hard-wearing, they are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms, for worktops, tiles, flooring and even cladding. However, even the most resilient materials are not immune to wear and tear. And if your worktops or surfaces get damaged, you want a quick and cost-effective solution.

Our natural stone specialists have over 15 years of industry experience, delivering seamless results when working with granite and marble. Whether you require minor remedial work or extensive repairs, we’ll inspect the damage and offer a tailored solution.

If remedials are possible, our team will repair your surfaces to leave them looking as good as new. Otherwise, we can provide a competitive quote for the replacement of your worktop, cladding or tiles.

Cleaning and Polishing

At Henley Granite, we go the extra mile to help you restore the glossy, natural appearance of stonework. That’s why we can also clean, polish and even reseal your products, to achieve that beautiful shine and protect them from future damage. We combine our expertise with the best tools and techniques, to achieve client satisfaction with every homeowner and business owner we work with.

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